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Let us help you

Create a home
you love living in.

Whether you’re seeking a compact sofa for an intimate area, a contemporary sofa for an urban apartment or a spacious modular to stretch out, snooze or snuggle up, we’ve got you covered. Creating a living room space that feels fresh, stylish and distinctively yours is as much about the companion pieces as it is about the main sofa setting. Coffee and side tables, buffets and entertainment units, they all play a part in the overall tone and mood of the room. Explore our full range of contemporary to classic inspired living room furniture in store and create a home you love living in.

Our Brands


Crafting furniture is wound deeply in our Nordic roots and tells the story of who we are. It is a craftsmanship perfected by our families over time. We cherish its impact on our heritage and lift it up with pride. Fine furniture is an art passed down from generation to generation with a rich history of trials and tribulations. After all, designing the most comfortable seating in the world did not just happen overnight.



The IMG Design Centre is located in Sykkylven, Norway and our products are designed by our team of Norwegian designers and engineers who for decades have created furniture according to the virtues of strength, durability, stability, effortless function, beauty and most importantly lasting healthy comfort.

Within every chair and sofa — you will discover IMG’s drive for excellence. Our philosophy combines the science of body correct ergonomics with old-world craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology. Our entire range is designed, engineered and tested by our Norwegian product development team and produced in our own vertically integrated manufacturing companies in Vietnam and Thailand.

A grey couch on a rug with a coffee table



No doubt, you will remember curling up with your Mum or Dad, Grandparents and/or friends on a La-Z-Boy recliner. Not only has La-Z-Boy become iconic in terms of the design, but also what the recliner represents.



The Molmic family extends beyond its founders and the second generation. It embraces the talented, loyal and dedicated craftspeople and administration who have been on the journey as part of the team since the first day in business. For over 25 years Molmic has been inspired to design the very best in sofas and living furniture. Molmic are proudly committed to their Aussie heritage and to this day they continue to make Molmic and lounge products in their hometown of Melbourne Australia.

“Our designs, craftsmanship and care are founded on the purpose of what we make, furniture that assumes an integral place in people’s lives. Not only must Molmic pieces serve a functional purpose, we endeavour to give them a life of their own”



“Outstanding craftsmanship is at the core of our brand, and behind the simplicity of our pieces lies a constant drive for innovation. Incorporating advanced techniques to our process of creation, each new design is revised and reworked to the last detail: every curve, texture and line reflects our design values.”

Each piece is made from solid timber sourced from sustainable forests. The residue timber is reused and repurposed right down to the sawdust. This focus and purpose is reflected in the quality and beautiful design of its products. Based in the culturally diverse Belgian city of Antwerp the range offers a consistent design of geometric and functional simplicity

A maroon leather couch with a coffee table and cushions



Garstone is a proud family owned Australian company committed to producing the finest quality leather lounges and sofas at a realistic price due to efficient production techniques



Batch’s Furniture is a stockist and authorised reseller of leading Australian furniture and homewares brand, GlobeWest. GlobeWest creates distinctive furniture & homewares inspired by uniquely Australian living and is only available via authorised resellers. Let us help harness your home’s individuality to complement your personal style from GlobeWest’s diverse & beautiful collection.

To find out more, come in store or get in touch.